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  • Ankaferd Blood Stopper
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  • Ankaferd Blood Stopper

Ankaferd Blood Stopper


Ankaferd BloodStopper (ABS) links to life...

Hailed as the discovery of the century in hemorrhage control, Ankaferd BloodStopper is a stable and sterile medical product of standard vegetable content which serves as a hemostasis regulator and displays fast haemostatic effect when applied to control minor or major hemorrhages due to exterior wounds, traumatic cuts, and dental operations, spontaneous or surgical procedures.

  • Is 100% vegetal and contains no inorganic/synthetic additives
  • Does not cause irritation. It is sterile and will not lose this property
  • Does away with germs inside and around applied area
  • Has no allergic effect
  • Has no known side effects
  • Does not pose a risk to human health
  • Is in liquid form, therefore very easy to apply
  • Does not need to be cleaned off the area applied
  • Has no special storage condition, does not need cold chain etc.



ABS Work Mechanism

Independent of the classic coagulation cascade system, Ankaferd BloodStopper shows homostatic effect in a protein network environment through vital physiological erythrocyte aggregation. This process takes place in a matter of split seconds in vitro and seconds in vivo environments

ABS Effect Mechanism

Ankaferd BloodStopper, a hemorrhage stopping preparation, forms a network inside plasma or serum fast (in a matter of split seconds). General haemostatic and biochemical tests have shown that the mentioned network is formed via the interaction between Ankaferd BloodStopper and proteins in blood; but primarily via the products interaction with fibrinogen. The tests also show that red spheres provide vital aggregation. At this stage, the process of holding hemorrhage at a certain level to allow tissue repair/restoration is primarily related with protein erythrocyte interaction. Blood cells to take their part in the network. Independent of the physiological haemostatic process tissue factor related to blood coagulation, Ankaferd BloodStopper, develops without effecting this system. Therefore Ankaferd BloodStopper is not only effective on patients with normal haemostatic values, but also on those who are primary and secondary homestaz defective. Ankaferd BloodStopper can be employed as an aide product in Clinique procedures for stopping intensive dental hemorrhaging, including mucosal fissures. Ankaferd BloodStopper must not be injected into vein or blood circulation system

ABS Formula

Ankaferd BloodStopper’s contents are completely vegetal. Nevertheless there is no possible way for anyone to reproduce the effect via mixing various plants. Qualities such as high scientific technology, sterility, stability and purity are put through intense scientific supervision for this product to come to life

100 ml product contains; Urtica dioica (dried root extract) 6 mg, Vitis vinifera (dried leaf extract) 8 mg, Glycyrrhizin glabra (dried leaf extract) 9 mg, Alpinia officinarum (dried leaf extract) 7 mg, Thymus vulgaris (dried grass extract) 5 mg.

ABS Usage Area

Ankaferd BloodStopper products can be used in many areas.

Ambulances, emergency wards, first aid centers, hospitals, dental clinics, health units, police forces, armed forces, fire departments, natural disaster zones, search and rescue teams, first aid kits, schools, homes, offices, land/air/sea transport vehicles..