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K2 Drops


What is K2 Drops?

K2 Drops is an important preparation that promotes:

  • Normal level of vitamin K2 levels.
  • Elastic blood vessels & healthy arteries.
  • Healthy rigid bones.


Due to the difficulty to obtain daily requirements of vitamin K2 from regular daily diet, K2 Drops is important dietary supplement due to the above mentioned in addition to many other health benefits.

What is K2 Drops used for?

K2 Drops has considerable benefits in the coming indications:

  • Prophylaxis & treatment of Vitamin K2 deficiency in all age groups.
  • Prophylaxis & treatment of atherosclerosis & calcified arteries.
  • Promotes strong bones in children & adults who have sufficient Vit. D.


How K2 Drops looks like & where is it manufactured?

K2 Drops is a cartoon box closed by in both sides for more safety. Each box contains a bottle with the coming features:

  • Bottle with up to date micro dropper.
  • Contains 30 ml of solution.
  • Spearmint flavor.
  • High quality manufacture.
  • GMP & FDA certified factory.
  • Made in USA.

What does K2 Drops consist of?

Each drop in K2 Drops contains the following ingredients:

K2 Drops is free from sugar, gluten, artificial colorants.

What is K2 Drops dose & way of administration?

  • Follow your physician or pharmacist instructions for the best dose and duration of treatment.
  • Take K2 Drops directly in a spoon (spearmint flavor) or add it to a juice & drink it.